Hop Circuit Self Guided Brewery Open House – April 24th in Vancouver, BC

It’s always a good time to be a Beer lover in Vancouver, but it’s about to become an even better one! On April 24th, 2016 there is a self guided Brewery open house happening in East Vancouver.

Participating breweries are as follows:

  • Strange Fellows Brewing (1345 Clark Drive)
  • Luppolo Brewing Company* (1123 Venables Street)
  • Bomber Brewing (1488 Adanac Street)
  • Off the Rail Brewing Co. (1361 Adanac Street)
  • Storm Brewing Ltd. (310 Commercial Drive)
  • Strathcona Beer Company* (895 East Hastings)
  • Callister Brewing Co. (1338 Franklin Street)
  • Powell Street Craft Brewery (1357 Powell Street)
  • Andina Brewing* (1507 Powell Street)
  • Odd Society (1725 Powell Street)
  • Doan’s Craft Brewing Company (1830 Powell Street)
  • Coal Harbour Brewing Company (1967 Triumph Street)
  • Parallel 49 Brewing Company (1950 Triumph)

*These companies are not yet open. 

8 New BC Breweries!

We’ve got 8 new breweries from all over BC added today!

  • Mozart Brewing (Kimberly, BC)
  • Billy Miner (Maple Ridge, BC)
  • Three Ranges Brewing (Valemount, BC)
  • Cannery Brewing (Penticton, BC)
  • Bad Tattoo Brewing (Penticton, BC)
  • Arrowhead Brewing (Invermere, BC)
  • Wheelhouse Brewing (Prince Rupert, BC)
  • Sherwood Mountain (Terrace, BC)

As always, if there is anything we have missed please let us know!

3 More Interior BC Breweries

We’ve got 3 more Interior BC breweries added today! I didn’t realize how many of these we had across BC. I smell a BC Beer road trip coming together…

  • The Noble Pig Brewhouse (Kamloops)
  • Red Collar Brewing Co. (Kamloops)
  • Barkerville Brewing Co. (Quesnel)

Thanks to Geoff Wright for sending us the links to these!
As always, if there is anything else we are missing, please let us know!